Russian marriage lawyers


Russian marriage lawyers

This website is designed as an entry point for those needing legal assistance and seeks to make their dealings with Russian family law and divorce marriage. We check each of thousands of profiles of single russian 1st International Marriage Network — an Marriage Network webmaster@1st-international. You might think that knowing the Russian immigration law is for geeks, Russian Immigration Laws. Author: We are not lawyers and this is not a legal advice. Russian marriage lawyers Russian marriage lawyers

With the development of technology, people will get involved in international relationships. You might need to get divorce, or receive vital records documentation from other countries, or get professional legal opinion from Russian attorney, or make a personal service to Defendant in Russia. We will be glad to handle any of these matters. If you need a Russian Divorce attorney or you need someone who is an expert in Russian law, our company will provide to you with a low-cost solution and positive results in complex Russian litigation.

If you are married with Russian spouse or going to be, you need to be prepared, informed, and advised about procedure of divorce.

This is definitely needed when you already involved in procedure of divorce. If you have Russian or dual citizenship, or your spouse or you both have Russian or dual citizenship, you always have door open for the Russian Divorce, which much easier and more affordable in comparison to divorces in the US, UK or Switzerland, for example. If your divorce spans international borders, make sure your divorce attorney has a special knowledge and experience to handle divorce case for you.

In case when you seeking for divorce with spouse who are agreed for divorce uncontested divorce , our law company will be glad to offer best price and handle your case as soon as possible express lane. In case of contested divorce, you may require attorney who can resolve your case with aggressive manner of litigation of divorce, custody, visitation, or division of property.

Our law company undertakes your case of divorce and will find best resolution for your situation. To protect your legal rights, Russian-Divorce provides strategic, knowledgeable and aggressive litigation services for complex matrimonial cases involving international component.

In case of matrimonial troubles with dual citizenship component, we will be glad to handle your case. If you need to receive any legal documents from court, ZAGS, and police authorities, including Apostille in any jurisdiction, please do not hesitate to contact us now.

We also will be glad to make personal service in any jurisdiction. After 20 years of multijurisdictional practice, we have earned the brilliant reputation for providing high quality and effective solution to the international law matters. Legal defense in court in civil cases including: Registration, legalization of documents, apostilles. Dear Karina, I am in a terrible mess and need help. I was married in Saint Petersburg almost 12 years ago.

I am an American citizen and my wife and two children are dual citizens. Please help me with divorce and visitations. I am Egyptian and my fiancee is Russian. Do you recommend that we get married in Russia or in Seychelles? What are the pros and cons? Hi Karina I'm interests in your service but is it possible to have a short phone conversation if is possible because I have one question that I don't know how to ask thank you.

I am married to a lady from St. Petersburg, Russia here in Turkey. I was married some 10 years ago. She is wants a divorce here and claiming considerable amount of property and cash from me. I know she has an apartment in St.

Petersburg which has been let out for 10 years. As she arrived in Turkey with basically the clothes she stood up in and no money I believe the divorce is only for money. Can I divorce her in St.

Petersburg and claim property a 10 years of rental income. Can it be done with a power of attorney as I am not fit enough to travel to Russia. Her father died around one year ago so there may be another property involved. I remember she secretly had an apostile signed here so this may be relevant.

Thank you in anticipation of any help. Dear Karina, I hope all is well. Sorry I've not been in touch about the divorce lately. Things got totally out of hand here, with parallel legal actions in London. To cut a long story short, my wife removed our child from London back to Russia. She then came back to United Kingdom by herself. It's possible that she has left UK again now. I have no idea if or when I will see the child again and I am frantic with worry. The England court ordered that she return the child here within 5 days.

She has ignored the order. Could I please ask you hourly rate and to see if you could get involved in this for legal advice to see if the order is enforceable in Russia? It would entail liaising with my lawyer here. I am a US citizen who lives in New York. I am seeking a divorce from my ex who is not a US citizen and does not have any duel citizenship.

He has Russian citizenship and continues to live in Moscow, Russia. I have absolutely NO interest in returning to Russia for this divorce for many reasons, the primary reason being that I do not wish to have any encounter with my ex. Do you have any recommendations of lawyers who would help me through the divorce process?

I am afraid to start the process with someone and have it done incorrectly - the goal is to have no connection with my ex, I do not want anything from him except for a divorce. I appreciate any help- thank you! I have divorce order from Russian court, and I need to have divorce certificate. My attorney said, even if the ZAGS is willing to talk with her, it asks to for the passport of the divorced person to get it stamped. Without passport, the ZAGS does not issue the divorce certificate.

The opportunity to send the passport to Russia does not sound enticing, right? Karina, according of your experience, is it possible to obtain divorce certificate for me? Can you help me? Questions of registration and citizenship Russia. What problems may arise in connection with dual citizenship? How to get it? How I can get divorce papers? The highest compliment you can pay me is the referral of a friend or a relative. Terms and conditions of Russian-Divorce PC.

Russian marriage lawyers Russian marriage lawyers Russian marriage lawyers

Marriage Procedure In Russia Russia

Wordpress SEO Plugin by SEOPressor. Our page PDF e-book includes all the essential info you need while you're in Russia. You might think that knowing the Russian immigration law is for geeks, but you can't imagine how much money, stress and time you can save with that little bit of knowledge. Before filing the documents, one or both future spouses are recommended to go to ZAGS and ask for relevant information about the required documents and the bank account number where the marriage registration fee must be deposited. This post is also available in: Catherine Heath Barrister, Doctor of Law. A Russian court will accept a divorce application if either of the following applies:

LGBT rights in Russia

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