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Personally, she was not my winner that night - neither was COLOMBIA or USA - but I love when major pageant winners move on to greater things as a result of winning a title.

HIM [ Edit View ]. I loved Pia on that show! She was really warm and likable! NT -- Katie, NT -- HIM , Can't base success on just American exposure it's a big world what's cool and trendy here may not the same as it is abroad, and reverse. NT -- Anon-ie, We know how much that worth nowadays. NT -- Jon, If you honestly look at some of her other opportunities and endorsements since winning and passing on the title she's been busy.

I recently read a post on FB where Oz is moving on and possibly leaving behind pageantry. I just wanted to say thank you OZ for a good run.

I have been your follower since I too have moved on somewhat. I'm just not that interested anymore, as this happens with interests.

Once again OZ thank you and it was a good run. NT -- Catherine Cates - NYC, She will be missed. I feel that many people from the world of pageants have been moving on recently. I know people's interests change over time, but I also wonder how much is due to the fact that pageants are just less fun these days.

This has certainly been the case for me: I just don't feel as excited about MUO pageants as I used to. In any case, many thanks to OZ. I feel the same. I like MAO bettert NT -- anon, It was a good resource during the state pageant season. NT -- Basketball Fan, After this year at Miss USA, it is obvious it is no longer a beauty pageant.

It is a "who has the best story" pageant. I want to see a beauty pageant. The people who watch pageants watch them to see beauty not who has the best story. No one wants to see the contestants walk out in groups of threes either. Miss Teen USA is the best now, and yet it is the one not being televised. I have never thought I would see the day that I would say MAO is so much better. Well, shockingly that time has come. I miss the MUO for what it was and hopefully they will learn no one wants a story pageant.

NT -- Glitzy, It should be a combonation of speaking ability and beauty as it was in the 90s NT -- anon, The fun is gone. It feels like more people are leaving than arriving, that is probably because I am one of the one's losing interest.

NT -- Hat tip to OZ The pageants used to make me so giddy to the run up to finals night, USA fell flat and if you ask me who I knew from Teen USA I would barely be able to make a handful of the girls, shoot I had to look up the winner because I forgot she had been crowned. I hope the upcoming state pageants light my fire again. After Canada moo'd her way to the top 10 i was done.

No shade to miss usa as I think she is lovely and will do exceptional well at miss Universe, her win was handed to her. I thought IMG was the beginning of a new era for miss Universe and it has gotten horrible. But the reality pageants are boring now. NT -- Vegas, The lead up to and subsequent Miss USA pageant I turned off after Top 10 was revealed because you could smell that something was horribly amiss. God bless Miss Teen USA, but it lost my interest long ago, but I appreciate the former teens coming back for USA, but nowadays I wouldn't be able to tell a former teen was competing unless I knew she placed high at TEEN USA I felt that moment was coming, as last season's coverage wasn't as extensive.

Do not disappear off the radar completely, we do not want to lose such a poster. Second, I disagree with you. It's like Maureen Reiddy era again to me in that pageants and outcomes are very similar to And remember back in GUL PANAG was almost lactating on stage! I have a hint they will crown an intelligent Sista from a non-sash country this year, a bit similar to Mpule. All this IMG stuff is like a repeat of late s.. NT -- HawtPlusSeksi, HCF [ Edit View ]. Kara is definitely the best among all of them and will most likely make it.

World is pretty but she seems like she's just another model. International is pretty but statistically, Miss International is "prejudiced" towards her kind of beauty. Earth, I think the 5-year placement streak is gonna end with her. NT -- HCF , NT -- ICEMAN , NT -- However, Earth has a better chance of placing. You should see her videos. She looks good on stage. It's all a matter of luck to a point, but my gut feeling is that even though this is possibly the worst picture I've ever seen of her , Miss U.

Earth I feel may very well win Miss Earth. NT -- Tiki-Java , But I hope she places 1st to 3rd runne-rup so we could see her at Miss USA, where she could win as well, especially with her perfect interview skills.

As example, MU org has to deal with a lot of very high franchise fees HUNGRY waiting for the win; Indonesia, Brazil, Thailand, South Africa come to win. Julia Morley will likely compensate E. Safrit with a 1st or 2nd runner-up or top 10 at worst, but USA was crowned in and 7 years is too early when other franchisees are more profitable.

Finally, Miss US Intl faces the toughest battle, if there is top 15, she could make it With the help of Elizabeth Safrit I'm sure she will place high however. She is a very smart girl.

International will struggle due to her ethnicity but I see her placing top She just needs to really submerse herself in Japanese customs. Earth will also have a similar struggle due to her race but I see her in top The USA Earth gal is very bland though. Of all these systems Earth puts the most emphasis on their mission and I don't see that passion from her.

Universe will easily make top 5. I don't see her winning MU but of the top 4 USA girls going to these pageants I suspect she will perform the best. NT -- Researcher pageant fanatic, Andreia is top notch interviewer, she is like Nana 2. Universe I agree, World I agree, though it could only be top 10 instead of top 3, depending on Julia's needs. Intl, maybe top 15 if there is top 15, but she could go unplaced as well.

Look at the history of the pageant. Not many make the semifinals let alone win a title. Yes there have been a few but it is widely known they have a dislike for black women.



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