Senaro she becomes interested in dating


Senaro she becomes interested in dating

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The Undermine Journal - useful resource for goldmakers. I have something stupid to say about my WoW experience and I don't have anyone to say it to. My wife, who I have been with for 9 years to clarify, because it's been asked A LOT, we started dating at 17 and married at We did not get married at 17 as many people have asked , and I started playing WoW together for the first time about a week ago.

We bought two battle chests and dove right into the game. It has been a blast. At 26 years old, I somehow managed to go for 12 years without ever playing this game.

I've been looking at it from a distance over the recent years, wondering if I should play but never taking the time because because of the kids, Navy service, and work. I remember being 16 and listening to my buddy tell me stories about the game as we walked through the Walmart parking lot pushing carts for minimum wage. He would tell me about the places he found and adventures he went on and in this sounded unbelievably awesome.

Unfortunately, I didn't have internet in my rural childhood home so I was stuck to single player games and putting thousands of hours into Morrowind pretending there were other people in my game and they were playing as the mobs in the dungeons I raided. Cut to 10 years later and here I am. I'm out of the military and working a solid career, the kids are old enough to go to bed without issue at 8: Life is good, I have more time than ever, and I'm ready to play the game I've always dreamed of.

My wife and I have played games together for a long time but they were always the type we could put down at a moments notice to take care of an immediate issue with the kids, dog, whatever. We've put a lot of time into Diablo 3 particularly so we are familiar with Blizzard games and she understands the relation between skills, gear, and stats.

We liked how organically Diablo 3 adjusted to our skill level and appreciated how we could play the whole game without ever dealing with a group or other people in general. We picked up WoW quickly and play sitting right beside each other at the computer desk I built for our PC gaming sessions.

She plays a Warrior and I play a Priest, we chose Pandaren because she's Asian and thought it would be funny. Sitting side-by-side gives us some obvious advantages and very unique experiences. It's also taught me a lot about my wife and brought me to appreciate the little things I've missed over the last 9 years.

You see, she does this thing. Ever since we learned the cooking skill she just sort of wanders off when we aren't out doing quests. I never really pay attention because I'm selling loot or messing with my storage or auction house and she's always right back behind me when we start rolling into the next zone and I am none the wiser to what she's been up to.

But last night I took a second to look over at her screen and saw her desperately trying to squeeze inside of this small alleyway in Stormwind. She apparently has this compulsive need to put a cooking fire in strange places.

The startled look on her face the first time I asked "Uh, what are you doing? She stammered out an explanation, something along the lines of "I like putting them in places where other people wouldn't think to. DR I spent 12 years waiting to play this game and gather some unique stories and experiences. I ended up discovering that my wife has a fetish involving cooking fires. I forgot to mention.

After finding out what she was doing, she started mumbling "This seems like a good spot. She's dead set on putting those campfires, it's like a mission for her. He's been getting better recently, he started returning raw mats instead of burnt food all the time. I told her about your post and now she knows I told people on Reddit about this. She seemed update but I could see the excitement in her eyes. I am glad you shared this story. You sound like you have a wonderful life and a lot of good people to share it with.

I wish you guys the best in your adventure and Ill drop a cooking fire in a random location just for you tonight haha.

My wife and I met on World of Warcraft. I joined a new guild at the beginning of Wrath with the intention of being a top raiding guild. The first week of raiding we were short on some max level guildies so we decided to run two 10 mans in Naxx. I was an elemental shaman and she was a healing priest don't remember her spec.

We just recently talked about having to do 2 10mans and realized we were on the same team. We actually started talking when she randomly asked if anyone wanted to go kill horde in Undercity. Had a blast talking on vent and the rest was history. Enjoyed reading everyone's responses!

I wanna up vote you cause that's an awesome story, but I play Horde so I'm torn How do alliance even know how to find Undercity? Shit it's hard enough to navigate as horde imagine getting assaulted nonstop. I love these stories! I also met my husband in game. It was the tail end of vanilla in when I joined his guild. He was the first one to say "Welcome! We ended up becoming very good friends, and I fell in love.

At the time, however, he was not keen on a long distance relationship. I was on the east coast, and he was on the west coast US.

We would talk for hours, both on vent and on the phone when we were not playing together. He was a rogue, and I was a hunter. Finally, on Valentine's Day, he sent me a card and some chocolate along with a long message on MySpace telling me he wanted me to be his girlfriend, despite the distance. He was running my gnome warlock alt through SM at the time, and I got so excited I accidentally pulled a pack of mobs while bouncing around!

We started making plans to meet, and eventually I ended up moving across the country to be with him. We recently celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary. No kids yet, but we are still happy, and we still play together. A few years after we married, WoW also brought us a brother in law. One of our guild buddies called my husband, and he needed to step away from the phone, so he handed the phone to his sister, and she and our guildy hit it off.

They also ended up getting married. Man, stories like this make me want to find some of the guildies I had back in Cata back.

Not for romance or anything, but I made some cool friends that expansion. None of my RL friends seemed interested in playing that expansion so I fully started over on another server on Alliance this time. I met a random guild and had great fun with them.

I dropped out of MMOs for a while until MoP, and my friends were coming back to the game so I picked back up on my home server. Now I feel I've got no way of contacting them. Others of the Military Ward whose names I don't quite recall, I'm sorry, you were awesome too. When people ask us how we met I boast proudly that we met on WoW and it embarrasses my wife every time.

Which is pretty much the greatest thing ever. Bothering, annoying, and embarrassing your wife is your job as a husband. Lol i recently got my wife to accidentally agree to my bothering her for eternity. She denies it but i remember it clear as day To this day i bother her every day lol. Likewise, your children exist only due to that late night raid on Undercity. The Dark Lady does not appreciate her abode being disturbed, nor the spawning of new living, or love.

My husband and I have been playing wow together since tbc. He has now learned to check where he is before moving his char. I have a habit of logging him out in odd places and deleting his hearthstone. The first time I placed him on top of a mountain peak and his first step was his last. I do this in all the mmo's that we play together. You need to take him waaaaay out into the ocean, but before you do bank everything from his inventory but the Angler's Raft and that ball from the leatherworking prof.

I mean, you don't fuck with somebody's keybinds, but at the same time if somebody fucked with my keybinds I'd be able to fix them all very quickly because they're just muscle memories at this point. Angler's raft, the ball in his inventory, and some Alterac Swiss. We don't want the poor man to starve. See, I just log onto my girlfriends account and try to farm a rare mount for her while she's sleeping or working.

Replaced her normal mount macro with the new mount on her hotkey and just wait to see her reaction when she logs on and mounts up. She needs to femdom the shit out of you. This shit is like Nerdish for "keeper. We've been together for 7 years and are still as in love as we were all those years ago, so I would say she has me locked down pretty good.

We still do small gestures for each other every day. I leave her a short romantic note on a post-it, often with,some kind of cooked breakfast if I have time, every time I have to leave before she gets up and she works from home so that's most days. She texts me some kind of romantic stuff during the work day so I see it at lunch or as I'm leaving work, and she meets me at the door and jumps into my arms when I get home every single day.

Senaro she becomes interested in dating Senaro she becomes interested in dating

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I've been with my girlfriend for 4 years nearly and we've had some great times and some really bad times. I think trust is the biggest issue we have with each other. Fancy yourself as an agony aunt? Add your answer to this question! A male reader, anonymous , writes 22 January Already have an account? Login first Don't have an account? Register in under one minute and get your own agony aunt column - recommended!

ORG - we actively monitor for copyright theft. I'm almost 30 and trying to get into film as well but with no luck especially in the UK. My girlfriend went with her parents on holiday in the beginning of december and was there for exactly a month.

Now just before she left we had a fight and did not speak and hardly texted during that month. Now she has come back and seems really different. She's distant with our relationship but still wants me around her. I've always been madly in love with her and she has been to, but things are different now with her seemingly distancing herself.

There seems to be no passion and no love here. Everyday is the same, i come back from work, make dinner, watch films and go to sleep. I try sometimes by maybe massaging her to make her feel comfortable. But she is not even in the mood to kiss. She keeps telling me that i don't knw how she feels, but she won't seem to tell me. Last week i did something really bad. She constantly has her phone with her and never leaves anywhere without it.

I checked her phone. I know its bad. And i regret doing it. I found texts from her cousin to her, saying how much he loved her. And also explicit stuff Also he said he can never live without her. I apologized to her and then asked her what it was all about.

She just said that her cousin is weird and that nothing happened. But she wanted to have a sense of power over me, it felt good that someone was feeling that towards her. There were no sent messages so i can never know what she said. But i know she's been speaking a lot to her best friend, which is fine but now i'm so paranoid. I was debating to leave for 6 months and go to Philippines or america to try my hand in film.

But now with my relationship feeling so lost, i don't know if i should go. Why have things gone to this level. It really feels as if we're not really going out and she's just with me till she finishes her degree at university.

Its become stale after 4 years YOU need to take the CONTROL you NEED to start acting like your the one who is getting bored of the whole thing, stop being available for her and start doing things that dont include her so much eg next time she wants u 2 do something maake some excuse that gives the impression that you have some exciting plans that dont include her, also stop asking her for sex and stop chasing her start to turn the tables and have her start to want to chase you and want to spend time with you but make it a challenge to her to spend time.

If you can do this then you will sudenly seem like a challenge and a chase again. When we women start to feel as if the relationship isn't giving them what we need we turn inward and become distant with our partner. We talk to our friends.

My guess is that if the contact was minimal when she was on holiday that it really gave her time to think about what she wants and if she is getting it from your relationship. It sounds like she didn't feel you were giving her enough attention in the relationship.

Sadly, it does seem as if she has her answer and she is just trying to figure out the next step and possibly to make sure she is making the right move. Four years is a long time to be together and you are living together, she can't just up and leave.

While you still have here there with you, I think you need to have an open heart to heart. You could start with, "I understand that I have made you feel neglected, what can I do to make things right?

I think it would be best if you continued with your plan. If things were good with the relationship would you have left? Even in a good relationship, there is always a chance it will go sour in that amount of time away. If you stay and things don't go well in your relationship, you will then regret not going. Got a relationship, dating, love or sex question? My girlfriend is becoming more distant - what is my next step? Troubled relationships , Trust issues. Add your answer to the question "My girlfriend is becoming more distant - what is my next step?

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