Black dating blck millionaire


Black dating blck millionaire

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This afternoon, Michael Johnson was sentenced to at least 30 years in prison and may serve up to 60 years after being convicted on all five counts of infecting and exposing partners to HIV.

The judge on his case, Judge Jon Cunningham will determine his official sentencing on July 13, Former college wrestler, Michael Johnson who is believed to have infected over 30 people with HIV, faces life in prison.

He was found guilty on Thursday, May 14, on one count of recklessly infecting a person with HIV, one count of attempting to recklessly infect a person with HIV and three counts of recklessly exposing partners to HIV. The two had unprotected sex during their relationship and Lemons believes he contracted the virus from Johnson. Lemons went to the police after he noticed Johnson had active profiles on several gay hookup apps and testified against him in court.

Missouri state law demands people who are diagnosed with HIV to disclose their status to their partners, regardless if they use protection or take medication. Johnson was diagnosed by the Missouri Department of Health with HIV on January 7, Unfortunately, infecting people with HIV is becoming an ongoing trend.

Investigators believe he could have knowingly infected more that 30 people with the virus since October. Most of the films have been recorded in his dorm room without protection. Charles Police Department has been building their case against Johnson over a five-month period.

Their investigation began when a man came forward, telling police he has been diagnosed with HIV and gonorrhea after engaging in sexual activity with Johnson. Micheal Johnson also used the online alias, Tiger Mandingo, on Instagram , Facebook , and Twitter. Sodomites are degenerate and their narcissism and paraphilias grow more intense the longer no one applies external discipline to them.

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Black dating blck millionaire Black dating blck millionaire Black dating blck millionaire



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