Black abd white dating


Black abd white dating

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The Kaaba was a pagan shrine of great antiquity which housed the black stone, a meteorite that was probably brought by the Kushitic Black Arabs from Kushitic Ethiopia where such worship was routine. Pagan rites were routinely performed at the Kaaba in Mecca. This inner vision event was likely to have been experienced by the same Africans who brought the Black Stone from Ethiopia to Arabia long before the birth of the Prophet Mohamet.

It is equally important to note that in Kemet, the genetic child of Ethiopia, Black Stones were given Divine Value. There was instead a living tradition of a matriarchal goddess worship and rites dating back to ancestral Ethiopia Kush where matriarchal goddesses have been worship in its most developed form since the beginning of time.

The city of Mecca was considered a holy place and the destination of pilgrims long before the prophet Muhammad. Kushitic Black Arabs and other Arabized tribes would bring yearly offerings to the Kaaba, or, make pilgrimages as part of a pattern of Kushitic religious rites which venerated the matriarchal deity of Mecca — Alaat. The basic issue between Mohammed and his Koreysh persecutors who drove him out of Mecca was that he had preached an alien and foreign philosophy which they could not understand nor tolerate.

This tribe stressed its Black African lineage with much pride and throughout time they remained intimately connected with the southern Cushitic tribes who had originated the worship of the Kaaba — the black stone — at Mecca. One of the Hadiths claim that Abraham accompanied Hagar and Ismail to Mecca, in the desert after he left, they settled near the Kushitic black Arab tribe of Djurhum of Arabia Felix Yemen , among whom Ismail found a wife.

Qeydaar Kedar married Fakhira a Matron Woman from The Qahtaanites Joktan son of Kush another African person. It is probable that the Djurhum were keepers or devotees of the ancient shrine at Mecca and that Ismail or his descendants later adopted their religion and became devotees of the Kushitic practices of the Kaaba. Tradition has it that they moved from Yemen when the Marib Dam was tragically breached AD and not repaired again — which resulted in drought, hunger, political unrest and population movement — to the region around Mecca.

About the Fifth Christian Century a Mustareb tribal leader named Kolaib, from the tribe of Rabiah in Yemen started a movement that agitated for political and social change. Kolaib inspired a general confederacy, but was eventually assassinated. The Mustareb tribe after many years of warfare eventually gained control of the kingdom of Kindeh, and then Yemen, Irak and Ghassan.

Between AD until AD we had one of those recurrent episodes in the history of the red sea coastal principalities where Ethiopia the regional dominant power imposed a form of direct rule on Yemen which was sliding into political anarchy. Aryat, an agent of the King of Ethiopia, landed at Aden in AD with an army of 70, men to avenge Christians, co-religionists, who had been persecuted by the king of Yemen, Dhu-Nowas, who was practising the Jewish religion, and to restore political order in the wake of endless wars and misrule.

Dhu-Nowas perished in the struggle that followed. The Ethiopian conquering army remained in power with authority over the entire Arabia Felix or Yemen including the city of Mecca until In the meantime, there then arose a potent element, the Fihr or Koreish, of Mustareb descent, who had established themselves in Hedjaz, near Mecca, which already was a religious and commercial centre.

The keys of this consecrated building were in the hands of the Koreish, and they fended off their competitors and managed to keep at bay the invading Christian Abyssinians of AD. Mohammed was burn in A. Abdul-Muttalib, son of Hashim, born in , exercised supreme authority in Mecca, from , initially with the consent and approval of the Ethiopian colonial army though it appears that he later revolted against this imposition.

He fathered 18 children. He was described as black as the night. According to tradition, Muttalib believed he needed to sacrifice one of his sons, in , before one of the idols of the Kaaba. He chose his son Abdallah. As the sacrifice was to be made, some Koreish chiefs rose in protest, and the boy was replaced by camels as a price of blood.

A few days later Abdallah married Amina, daughter of Wahb, chief of the Zohri family, and so was born Mohammed,about August, Mohammed himself, who was to unite the whole of Arabia, thus appears to have had a prominent African-Kushitic lineage. JA Rogers, one of the most pre-eminent of Black African historians had the following to say of Muhammad pbuh:.

All educated Arabs are conscious of that fact. In the 5th and 6th century, the pre-eminece of Ethiopia was still putative in the Arabia and surrounding regions.

As such, Mecca was teeming with millions of Black Cushitic Arabian and Ethiopian scientists, engineers, soilders, philosophers, writers, social revolutionaries. Besides the probable Ethiopian origins of Muhammed, Islam was deeply associated with Ethiopia, and was overwhelmingly influenced by Ethiopia in terms of the formation of its basic tenets, the elaboration of its doctrine and the development of its philosophy.

According to tradition, the first Muslim killed in battle was Mihdja—a Kushitic Black Arab. In fact, the very survival of the Islamic faith in its most susceptible periodwas due tothe intervention of the Ethiopian King of Axum, who saved the earliest followers of Muhammed seeking refuge in Ethiopia from persecution in Arabia. They were given safety, succor and further education and instruction by the Priests of Ethiopia.

These early teachings underlaid the elaboration and further development of Islamic thought and they remain fundamental in Islamic teachings of today. It is therefore no wonder that Muhammed had instructed his followers to always be kind and considerate to the Ethiopians because they are a kindred nation of great righteousness.

In some districts of the country, these races more or less mixed and since the rise of Mohametanism, the language of the Semites, known to us as Arabic, has almost wholly superceded the old Ethiopian or Kushite tongue…. Various studies have confirmed that the inter-relatedness of Arab populations, including Palestinians, Jordanians, Syrians, Iraqis, and Bedouin, and their African neighbours.

Well known genetic markers connect Arabs especially those of Yemen and Oman very closely with African population living near in East and Equatorial Africa. Haplogroup E is present in both Arab and Jewish populations throughout the Near East, as well as at high frequencies throughout most of Africa Scozzari et al. As such, it is possible that the African gene was merely diluted by the introduction of non-Arab and non-African genes to the pool when Arabs began to conquer other Middle East people after the rise of Islam.

These Arabs are from the Arabian peninsula. These people are partially Arab and partially descendants of the nations that lived in their region prior to the rise of the Muslim faith. The claim is supported by the historical fact that the original Arab population was relatively small and could not have populated a region stretching from Iraq to Morocco with such density, no matter the birthrate.

Sickle cell gene is also highly expressive among the middle eastern populations. Sickle cell Haplogroups of African origin are routinely sequenced amongst the populations of Saudi Arabia, Oman, Iraq and Turkey. Given that sickle cell gene is a rare genetic mutation even with reference to Equatorial Africa where it originated, its prevalence in the so called middle east suggests the great density of population settlement from Africa in pre-historic and historic times.

Besides the accounts of the classical writers who trace the origins and daily lives of the original Black Arabs of antiquity, the Islamic Ishmaelite Arabized people claim to derive all their early history from the Bible or Koranic text.

The major founding legends of the Ishmaelite Abrahamic Arabs are all based uniformly on exegesis and interpretations of Old Testament stories.

Yet, the Old Testament references to Arabia are scanty. The term Arab itself, as the name of a particular country and nation, is found only in later Old Testament writings, i. The name for Arabia in the earliest Old Testament writings is either Ismael, or Madian A. It appears that the Old Testament concurs with the report that the original Arabs were Black Africans. Kush is another word for Black and according to bible scholars the archetypal father figure of Black African people.

According to the Old Testament, Chush A. Sheba was a Black African built state which existed in the southwest portion of the Arabian Peninsula. The second is Hevila in northern Arabia, or as Glaser prefers in the district of Yemen and al-Kasim.

Yemen as we have seen was and remains a predominantly Black African based area of the Arabian Peninsula. The third is Regma A. The fourth is Sabatacha, in southern Arabia, and as far east as Oman. Incidentally, the name Oman is the Arabic form of Ammon the high God of the Black Kushites and Kemites who established themselves in that region very early in history.

Even today, Oman is predominantly Black in phenotype, even though the people are described as Arabs. Thus, one begins to see the deep reaching roots of Africa in the Arabic world. The fifth is Sabatha Sabtah, or Sabata the ancient capital of Hadramaut, in South Arabia. Hadramaut was also an ancient power base of the kushitic Ethiopian Black Arabs of Arabia. The second location is near Edom, north of Medina. Yet, later redactors and interpolated in Genesis chapter xxv, 3, the inconsistent fable of how both Saba and Dadan are grandson of Abraham.

Given that Saba was a famous state whose ruins are identifiable today, and that it is inextricably linked with Ethiopia and Cush in culture, literature and ethnicity, the brazenness of this attempted falsification and misappropriation of Black African history becomes clear once again. Based on this flimsy and highly tenuous connections between Abraham and Joktan, the entire fallacy of the pale semitic Arab race so loving promoted by the western media was constructed.

According to this account Ismael is the real ancestor of the majority of Desert Arabian tribes, such as: Nabajoth, Cedar, Abdeel, Mabsam, Masma, Duma, Massa, Hadar, Thema, Jethur, and Cedma A. These tribes bore the closest affinity to the pale Arabised people of modern times.

These tribes were uncultured, illiterate pagan barbarians who did not see any enlightenment until the dawn of the Islamic prophet Muhammad. These were notorious bands of wild desert nomads who raided caravans, traded slaves and made wars without end. In later Old Testament times one reads of Nehemias A.

In the book of II Chronicles we are told xvii, 11 that the Arabians brought tribute to King Josaphat A. As we have seen already, the ancient Black Arabs were a highly sophisticated and literate people. They were given to a life of leisure, culture and pleasure. They lived a settled live in the many fabulous cities they had built, and were not given to wandering like the landless Arabized tribes from central Asia.

According to Drussila Houston, they were fond of village life, society, the dance and music. They were good cultivators of the soil, traders, artisans, engineers and administrators. Like the Cushites of the Nile valley, they were wont to monumental constructions such as the Marib dam of the Himyaritic kingdom. The Black Arabs kept close to their African Ethiopian roots.

Trade and cultural exchanges were routine and marriage was contracted and conducted with the easiest of facility between Africans and Yemenites since there were no caste feelings between them. For a number of causes, the authentic Arabs from southern Arabia migrated within the Arab Peninsula and without. These reasons can be summarized as follows:.

Today, one hears the delibrate or ignorant misuse and abuse of the word Arab for political purposes unconnected with the real history of the people and culture. Arab now represents a diversity of which the pale-skin type lays claim to predominance. Yet, it can not be forgotten that the original authentic Arabs were Black men and women from Africa.

The children of Kush and Nimrod; the Ethiopians who emigrated to the lands of Yemen and Hadramut and Mesopotamia. Even in these days of rank misinformation, the black skin Arabs still maintain a numerical edge over the Arabized pale skin types of today mixed blood descendants of the Kurds, the Persians and the Turks with African Arabs.

When the African Arabs most of who claim a legitimate link to Black Yemen are factored in with the remnants of the Black skinned Arabs of Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Oman, Yemen, and Kuwait, the Black Arabs of today still predominate in number and in importance, in the Arab world.

That predominance is not accidental. It is a historical thread which remains valid even in these inauspicious post-modern times.

Black abd white dating Black abd white dating Black abd white dating ALM] Ainoi, Logoi, Muthoi: The Messenger of Allah may Allah bless him and grant him peace said, 'He will Black abd white dating enter Paradise who has a Black abd white dating of arrogance in his heart,' a man asked, 'A man may like his dress to be nice and his shoes to be nice. Key Themes and Approaches. Before Blck Ottomans, the space was usually called al-masjid al-aqsa the Farthest Mosque Online dating flashs, a term now reserved to the covered congregational space on the Haram, or masjid bayt al-maqdis Mosque of the Holy City or, even, like Mecca's sanctuary, al-masjid al-haram. Starts at 20h00 with a live sex show by three hot guys. Papers Presented at the IJS Conference

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