Russian bride newletters


Russian bride newletters

Have you ever fallen foul and been “naked” at a wedding? We want to see! Former lawyer and bride to be Julia founded Brides Up North our newletters and. Bride? Wedding Planning? Searching for your wedding dress - UKbride is a fantastic website to help you with your big day. Girl Names That Start With S S is for Sabrina, Sue, Samantha, Russian: Defender of mankind; Russian nickname for Alexandra. Read More. Sofia. Greek Origin. Russian bride newletters

GI Brides of World War II. War Brides Passenger List Add your love one's name today! To view only by ship go to: Ainsworth For more information click here. Doreen White Battle, Mar. Alexander For more information click here.

Joseph, Michigan and arrived New York City on May 6, Additional E. All sailed arrived 1st. May in NYC. Brain, Catherine, 20 yrs and William, 8 mos. Braley, Barbara, 20 yrs and Patricia L. Brown, Leyetta, 24 yrs. Brown, Stella, 22 yrs.

Callery, Josephine, 31 yrs. Carlberg, Jane, 25 yrs. Regards, Pat Slice I have additional E. These names appear on the same page as my mother's passenger listing. At the top of the list, it notes that all of these ladies were to have sailed on the Washington, but all sailed on the Alexander. I've been told that was common. All sailed 18 Mar and arrived in NYC on 27 March Lauderdale, FL Callaghan, Mary; N. Moyer Meyer and daughter, Ruth ; Mar. Ingeborg Kriege Klumph, Dec. For more information click here.

Elizabeth Warner, March ; England to Halifax to Charlotte, N. Photo Argentina For more information click here. Check out the news articles and photos on my site. Seeking the name of the only male war groom that was on this ship during its official war brides journey of Jan. NAME; CHILD'S NAME; MOTHER'S BIRTH PLACE Anderson, Edith; Scotland, Dundee Adria--son, Ellen K. Joy; England, Liverpool Cole, Catherine P.

Jean; Ireland, Kells Diehr, Sara with dau. Adrianne; England, Barking Sheila Vallance Dunn and daughter, Vivienne ; Mar. Albans Huffstutler, Frances M. Margaret Andrews Pearson and dau.

Yvonne Farrington Gentry Jones ; Jan. Joan Gladys Stangroome Stubbs ; Jan. Audrey Brown, CA Nellie Belk nee Knowles, AZ Yvonne Jones, TX June Angell, RI Mrs.

Atkinson Children celebrating 1st birthdays were Shirley Kramer, Melvin Dzieglewiez, Ralph John, Leamon Blanton, Marlene Slagle, Barbara Crotta,Robert Kidd, Mernell Grayson 2nd birthday, Mark Olley 3rd birthday.

Edith Anderson Ellen K. Barndollar, and son William J. Baird Renee Bullock, and daughter Joy Helene Catherine P. Cole and son Michael Dorothy Correra Mary T.

Dickerson and daughter Jean Tara Diehr and daugher Adrianne D. Edwards and daughter Anne G. Fieg and son John E. Ann Flenagan Rita D. Gricol and daughter Dorothy A.

Gordon Frances Huffstutler and son Keven Elizabeth Haas and daughter Elizabeth G. Arongi Livinia Jean Anderson Vallero, De. I recieved this from Ruth V. The following names are from the manifest of Alien Passengers , SS Brazil, sheet 15, July 8, Thank you, Ruth.

Brabara Ann Heath Mrs. Averinal Rena Popivchak ; Feb. Marguerita Connelly DeMarini; Feb. AnnMarie DeMarini Dorothy Gough Cooper ;? Photo Queen Elizabeth For more information click here. From the New York Times, Feb. Erichson is schedules to leave England with 1, wives and children of servicemen, including these from the Greater Kansas City Mo.

Marsh, husband, George E. Elb and daughter, husband James W. Marjorie Quinn Medley and daughter; Feb. Rankin, husband Charles J. Hagdick, husband John M. Barrow of Bermuda was on the ship to be with his American wife. Joe Tox first W. Edith Jennings of Harrow Celia Crotzer of London Jane Badger of London Rena Bates of N. Devon Betty Cuevis of Swindon Joy Corey of Swindon Irene Capatorti of London Gwen Bujnowsky of Cornwell Edna Brumbaugh of London Stella Battani Jane Badger of Oxford A.

Blevens of Kettering Mrs. Cappelli Gwen Brzozowski of Harrow Margaret Lily Harrison Darr and dau. Beverly Cameron Thank you Beverly Cameron for sending these newletters to me. Swetman Bobo and daughter, Kathleen: Williamina Ida Ervine and daughter, Agnes ; Mar. Mary Sullivan Hampton; -; Sylvia M. Bowman Oylear with daughter, Janet - Mar.

Louis, MO Here's a handful of names from the September 14, sailing of the Queen Mary to Halifax and New York: Anderson, Delcie E M Archer, Hazel R B Armstrong, Isabella D Auriat, Doreen E, and Francis aged 2 Royal Canadian Air Force: Beckwith, Christina Bennett, Violet E, and Primrose A E M aged 18 months Billings, Mary E Bowen, Minnie Buff, Phyllis M Campbell, Jeanie S Carriere, Pemia J A Holland Carroll, Rebecca Clough, Gwendoline V Corbin, Joan M, and Susan W A aged 3 months Cuthill, Anne T Davis, Doris E, and Jacqueline D D aged 3 Derry, Elsie E Desmarais, Elsie Dionne, Margaret J Donaldson, Mary J and Avril Joyce aged 3 Easuni, Vera J this name has been overwritten..

Egan, Iris The accompanying document reads: This summary cancels previous one dated 7 December This is a complete nominal roll; however, should it be necessary to make any further corrections, all concerned will be notified. It's then been subdivided as follows: They made a total of persons. The ship was also carrying a number of girls and children bound for the United States and it is not immediately clear whether they are included in the statistics above.

The ship also carried a number of regular civilian passengers. They are all on public access but the PRO are unable to conduct searches themselves due to the time-consuming nature of such searches.

And because they haven't catalogued them separately so they would have to spend a long time even identifying the reference numbers for each ship before they could begin the search - the only such catalogueing has been done by myself, and sadly the PRO were not interested when I offered my research to them.

A pity Debbie Beavis, General Maurice Rose Margot K. Jessica Weekes Pettit, Mar. Ernie Pyle Selma Loeber Jones, Nov. Sultan Irma Bremer, Sept. Louis, Missouri Permanente Jean Bish Lacey, Nov. Uruguay If anyone is interested in the ship "Uruguay". Here is a list of the passengers that were on the ship with my mother. I am sure that this is only a partial list as my mother says there were about brides on the ship. Uruguay that came over April, to the port of New York. W Cichowicz, Gladys M.

W Eddington, Grace 20 W Tedesco, Betty Lavinia May 20 W Stavetski, Ethel 21 W Mckoy, Doris 23 W Davis, Dinah 20 W Lascurain, Barbara, Turner 19 W Hedden, Bernice A. W Means, Wilhelmina Means, Kenneth W. At the bottom of the page someone has written:

The staff was so helpful and friendly! Christ Powered Life Rom Colossians Daniel David, Russuan of Galatians Gideon The Glorious Kingdom Great Prayers Ephesians Hebrews Isaiah James Jacob Jesus and the Kingdom John's Gospel. The iconic TUDOR Heritage Chrono Blue timepiece embodies distinctive style and sophisticated professionalism. That day is a day of wrath, a day of trouble Russian bride newletters distress, a day of wasteness and desolation, a day Russian bride newletters darkness and gloominess, a day of clouds and thick darkness, A day of the trumpet and alarm against the fenced cities, and against the high towers. Back in the days when you can't afford a Paul Russian bride newletters. Russian bride newletters Russian bride newletters



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