Jason behr and katherine heigl dating


Jason behr and katherine heigl dating

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Series and Mini-series including adventure, mystery and suspense Drama: Includes footage from shows such as "The Milton Berle show", "The Ed Sullivan show", "The Jack Benny show", "The Red Skelton show", "I love Lucy", and "The Honeymooners. DVD Milton Berle Encyclopedia of Television Ed Sullivan Encyclopedia of Television Jack Benny Encyclopedia of Television The Honeymooners Encyclopedia of Television I Love Lucy Encyclopedia of Television Pioneers of Television.

Episode 2, Sitcom This second segment in a four-part series featuring archival clips offers a fresh take on the first celebrities of television, including interviews with many of them.

Sitcom focuses on the influential developers and actors in sitcoms that shaped the genre, including Lucille Ball, Desi Arnaz, Jackie Gleason, Andy Griffith, Dick Van Dyke, Mary Tyler Moore, Carl Reiner and Danny Thomas with clips from I love Lucy, The Honeymooners, The Andy Griffith Show, and the Dick Van Dyke Show, among others. Jay Leno, Phyllis Diller, Arsenio Hall, Ed McMahon, Betty White, Hugh Downs, Marlo Thomas, Art Linkletter, Doc Severinsen, Barbara Eden, Joyce Randolph, Tim Conway, Sigourney Weaver, Rose Marie, Florence Henderson, Jerry Stiller.

Bud Abbott, Lou Costello, Lon Chaney, Jr. DVD Absolutely Fabulous. Jennifer Saunders, Joanna Lumley, Julia Sawalha, June Whitfield, Jane Horrocks. The comic misadventures of fashion femme fatales Edina and Patsy who drive Edina's sensible daughter, Saffron, up the wall with their constant drug abuse and outrageous selfishness. Numerous in-jokes and heavy doses of cruel humour have made this television series a cult hit in the UK and abroad.

Credits and other information from the Internet Movie Database Encyclopedia of Television Series Disc 1. Fashion -- Fat -- France -- Iso tank -- Birthday -- Magazine. Hospital -- Death -- Morocco -- New best friend -- Poor -- Birth. Doorhandle -- Happy New Year -- Sex -- Jealous -- Fear -- The end. Based on the original idea by Jennifer Saunders and Dawn French.

Originally released in DVD Series 4 Parralox -- Fish farm -- Paris -- Donkey -- Small opening -- Menopause. Originally aired on television during the season. DVD Series 5 Cleanin' -- Book clubbin' -- Panickin' -- Huntin', shootin', fishin' -- Birthin' -- Schmoozin' -- Exploitin' -- Cold turkey. DVD All American Girl Cast: Margaret Cho, Maddie Corman, Judy Gold, Amy Hill, Ashley Johnson, Clyde Kusatsu, Jodi Long, J.

Qwon, Sam Seder, B. A television show about a very Westernized Korean-American girl delightfully at odds with her traditional but screwy family in San Francisco. Mom, Dad, this is Kyle; Submission: Impossible; Who's the boss? Redesigning women; Booktopus; Mommie nearest; Take my family, please; Exile on Market Street -- Disc 3. Ratting on Ruthie; Educating Margaret; Loveless in San Francisco; Malpractice makes perfect; The apartment -- Disc 4.

Notes from the underground; Venus de Margaret; A night at the Oprah; Pulp sitcom; Young Americans. Originally broadcast as a television series DVD X Cassinelli, Sarah Moon. Margaret Cho's All-American Girl as the First and Last? Explicating Viewer Perceptions of All-American Girl. Cultural diversity and the U. Kamalipour, Theresa Carilli ; foreword by George Gerbner.

State University of New York Press, Main Gardner Stacks; Comparative Ethnic Studies P M U All In The Family: The Complete First Season. Carroll O'Connor, Jean Stapleton, Rob Reiner, Sally Struthers. Meet the Bunkers; Writing the president; Oh, my aching back; Judging books by covers -- Disc 2.

Archie gives blood; Gloria's pregnancy; Mike's hippie friends come to visit; Lionel moves into the neighborhood -- Disc 3. Edith has jury duty; Archie is worried about his job; Gloria discovers women's lib; Success story; The first and last supper. The first season of the 's sit-com that broke ground for the way it discussed controversial topics and dealt with bigotry and politics. The show's central character, Archie Bunker, was a working-class family man who held bigoted, conservative views of the world.

His viewpoints clash with nearly everyone he comes into contact with especially his liberal son-in-law, Mike. Archie's daughter, Gloria, often sided with Mike, while his saintly wife, Edith, was the rock that held the family together. Originally broadcast on television in and Awards Golden Globe Awards: Best Television Series, Comedy, , , , Encyclopedia of Television All In The Family. Producer, Norman Lear; director, John Rich. Three episodes from one of the first sit-coms to take on controversial social issues.

Judging books by covers: Archie ridicules Mike and Gloria's intellectual friend Roger for being gay, but he is straight as an arrow. Archie later discovers that his macho drinking buddy is gay and proud of it. Gloria discovers women's lib: When Gloria demands that Mike start treating her as an equal and he hesitates she takes a bold exodus from the household, leaving Archie to comfort and enlighten his lonely son-in-law.

Gloria poses in the nude: When Gloria casts her inhibitions to the wind to pose for Mike's artist friend, Mike the most free-thinking member of the household experiences reservations.

Calista Flockhart, Greg Germann, Gil Bellows, Courtney Thorne-Smith, Portia de Rossi, Lucy Lui. Best Television Series, Comedy, , The Complete First Season When Boston lawyer, Ally McBeal, meets up with a former college friend who hires her at his prestigious law firm, things get complicated when she learns she'll be working with her first love and his wife.

Ally slips into one fantasy after another to try and cope with her new life. Pilot -- Compromising positions -- The kiss -- The affair -- Disc 2.

One hundred tears away -- The promise -- The attitude -- Drawing the lines -- Disc 3. The dirty joke -- Boy to the world -- Silver bells -- Cro-magnon -- Disc 4. The blame game -- Body language -- Once in a lifetime -- Forbidden fruits -- Disc 5. Theme of life -- The playing field -- Happy birthday baby -- The inmates -- Disc 6. Being there -- Alone again -- These are the days. Originally broadcast as episodes of the television series in and Nelle Porter instantly breaks hearts, and the equally intriguing Ling Woo, attracts everyone.

More and more subject to outrageous hallucinations, Ally struggles to give up her dream of Mr. Adding to all the sexy fun is an unexpected visitor: Real world -- They eat horses, don't they? Fool's night out -- It's my party -- Disc 2. Story of love -- World's without love -- Happy trails -- Just looking -- Disc 3.

You never can tell -- Making spirits bright -- In dreams -- Love unlimited -- Disc 4. Civil Wars -- Those lips, that hand -- Let's dance -- Only the lonely -- Disc 6. Green monster -- Love's illusions -- I know him by heart.

DVD X The Complete Third Season Just as Ally seems on the verge of giving up on romantic fantasies forever, Billy confesses his undying love for her. One of the firm's own sues the company while another passes way, a real baby turns up in a Christmas manger, and some amazing musical talent shows up as well, including Tina Turner, Gloria Gaynor and Macy Gray! Car wash -- Buried pleasures -- Seeing green -- Heat wave -- Disc 2. Troubled water -- Changes -- Saving Santa -- Blue Christmas -- Disc 3.

Out in the cold -- Just friends -- Over the rainbow -- In search of pygmies -- Disc 4. Pursuit of loneliness -- Oddball parade -- Prime suspect -- Boy next door -- Disc 5.

I will survive -- Turning thirty -- Do you wanna dance? Hope and glory -- Ally McBeal: DVD X The Complete Fourth Season Ally realizes Mr.

Right may be all wrong and finds a new love. Ling's ex shows up and leaves her -- and Fish -- bewildered. And budding rock star Cage takes the stage in another spectacular season that includes Marcia Cross, Sting and Anne Heche. Sex, lies and second thoughts -- Girls night out -- Two's a crowd -- Disc 2.

Last virgin -- 'Tis the season -- Love on holiday -- Man with the bag -- Disc 3. Reasons to believe -- Ex files -- Mr. BO -- Hats off to Larry -- Disc 4. Reach out and touch -- Boys town -- Falling up -- Getaway -- Disc 5. Pursuit of unhappiness -- Obstacle course -- In search of Barry White -- Cloudy skies, chance of parade -- Disc 6. Queen bee -- Home again -- Wedding. DVD X The Complete Fifth Season It's the season of change at the law firm.

Ally makes a personal discovery that will change her life, Ling is offered a judge position and Fish might have found the perfect match.

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