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Sara Blick and Sara Weber. She previously lived in Louisville, Kentucky. In this case, she got her disgusting little claws into my husband, knowing full well that he was married; she attempted to break up our family and has shown wanton disregard for others. She is only out to serve her own wants and pleasures and does not care who or what she destroys in the process. That it and of itself is shameful — what kind of a mother does that? She is an emotional and possible physical threat to marriages, relationships and other women in general.

She had the audacity to tell my husband that WE owed HER an apology, that obviously makes zero sense. She personally harassed me to the point that I had to go to the police; the police advised that I should seek a restraining order against her so that she would be forced to stay away from my family and me.

She does NOT care about anybody but herself — as I said before, she even uses her own children including one of whom is or was disabled to get what she wants! She has been married and divorced at least twice now hmm… I wonder why and does not have a conscience to speak of.

The company she works for has swept all of this under the rug and refuses to do anything about her outlandish and unbelievably atrocious behavior and she does these things on company time no less.

My guess is that she has her claws in someone in upper management which is why she is still there, they probably cannot get rid of her because they are afraid of reprisals. Her entitlement problems are ungodly and she thinks she gets whatever she wants, whenever she wants — no matter the cost.

It really is disgusting the way that this individual thinks and acts. If you happen to find yourself near her, run far far away. She is no good to or for anyone and will stop at nothing to get what she wants even if it destroys families in the process. Everyone should know about her absurd behavior because the things she does are absolutely and unequivocally NOT okay. This hag looks like she has been put through the ringer. The younger picture is almost 10 years old and more for reference in case you may know who she is.

It takes 2 to tango. Your complaints are about her chasing after your husband. When you are together with someone, especially married, your responses to anothers advances should be appropriate to your situation.

How did your man respond to her, and why? Is he getting enough of the right kind of love at home, is he a cheater, or was his response to her appropriate.

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In an effort to curb opioid drug abuse and addiction, the Drug Enforcement Administration DEA has issued new rules that limit the accessibility of hydrocodone, putting chronic pain sufferers who rely on the drug in an impossible situation.

The recent changes include the elimination of phone-in refills and a mandatory check-in with a doctor every 90 days for a refill. Create your own user feedback survey.

Hydrocodone is one of the most widely used drugs to fight chronic pain in the United States, serving a consumer base of about million people. Many who rely on hydrocodone suffer from debilitating chronic pain, which greatly disrupts and decreases their quality of life. Pain advocates across the country were vocal when the DEA announced these changes: I spoke with a former patient of mine to find out how she was affected by the up-schedule of hydrocodone.

She lives two hours away from the doctor who currently helps manage her pain. The results are scary:. Controlling the abuse and overuse of pain killing drugs is necessary to keep patients safe, but the importance of decreasing drug abuse does not outweigh the needs of millions of people who suffer from chronic and depleting pain.

When patients who suffer from these excruciating conditions are denied access to medication, they often turn to alternative forms of relief such as black market drugs, creating a larger issue of abuse. Solving the problem begins with communication among the medical community, to ensure patients have access to their necessary medicine and the ability to live the life they deserve.

When we work against the people we are set up to serve, we are doing a great disservice to our cause and the people who rely on us most. Dr Webster — new studies show that long term opioids DO NOT work for most patients, and the conversations surrounding the up scheduling of hydrocodone Vicodin, Percocet, etc began long before the now pandemic of chronic pain patients in our country.

This is a very misleading article. This is in fact exactly what your are now publishing within the VA system. Please do not mislead the public again. They in fact are, and the cause of the CDC declared epidemic. Very misleading article, and as a physician, you again are promoting false information with insufficient efficacy studies on long term use of narcotics. So why No crackdown on Blood Pressure pills only a few ingested which is a massive dose, may kill an adult?

Do they have Agents who are truly Dr. Yes absolutely I agree with you. Let them walk in our bodies for 1 day and try to sleep. Yea for everybody who is speaking out. The scam drug war is completely backed and funded by insurance companies, not bleeding heart politicians. They use misleading statistics on heroin overdoses to paint legal painkillers as evil, when, in fact, overdoses from legal pain killers is miniscule and has been dropping for the past decade.

Neither of those situations have any relevance to legally prescribed opiates. The real kicker is that as they make it more difficult and expensive to get legal pain killers, the more desperate resort to heroin, as it is actually much cheaper, and occasionally those desperate people end up adding to the heroin death statistics the government continues to use to fuel their drug war.

This war on opiates is the single biggest scam of the last decade, and it is imperative that people spread the truth. Because people abuse the drug I need so badly? The ones that are ODing are mixing so many pills and taking way too many than they are prescribed so us the ines in real pain are just screwed? I feel like death would be better than this pain I have everyday!! I was on a amount, that allowed me to lead somewhat of a normal life…. I wish things was like they used to be, where doctors try to find answers to the suffering.

Is there not any exception to these rules???? I agree with you. And with all my other brothers and sisters in pain that are now cut off from medication needed to live normally.

My body was hit and I was thrown forward and onto the ground. Miraculously, nothing was broken but several nerves were crushed. Not only doi have back spasms but Lupus, severe arthritis, nerve pain in my feet from neuromas, and fibromyalgia. He had dropped hints about it from time to time. I was on 20mg of hydrocodone every six hours.

For over thirteen years. In all that time, I never sold them, took more than prescribed orc asked him for something stronger. It allowed me to go grocery shopping, out to eat, take a short stroll, put gas n my car and go to work every day. Just to do normal everyday things that people without chronic pain take for granted.

There will be so many casualties of pain. I suffer from pain daily that you could not even imagine in your worst nightmare. It is hard to realize that the human body can inflict this much pain.

I would not want the blood shed on my hands that he now has on his. I have found from people who do not have pain that they cannot relate to pain. It is Ignorance and selfishness!!!! In fact, I wish pain on all the basturds who force CP patients to cont. Not to mention, All those who participate in continually trying to withhold meds from CPP, etc, I hope they get in a dituation that will bring upon a Pain that will only cease by Way of Death: I wish you the best dear!

The regular Joe gets it again! The drug addicts will go on getting whatever drugs they want from other sources. They should not be telling my doctor what and how much I can take. Is that not my right? Why are my rights being stepped on all the time? So, go ahead and change my meds.

I will no longer work, go on disability and spend the rest of my days wallowing away in bed! It effects my whole way of life. Wish people would understand the people that over dose. And use them right. I agree with everyone on here that has the pain of any kind. They need to feel this pain then we will see things change I bet!

I am with you all. I got hurt over 20 years ago and have had multiple surgeries. In which none helped. Actually the last one mad me worse. So now I am being cut very rapidly and was told because I am on 2 shirt acting meds that I m a red flag for selling them. I am insulted beyond belief.

I have always taken my meds right. I am not the one who put me on these but now feel like a criminal because I am on them and need them to just have a bit of a normal life.

I am so scared as to what quality of life i am going to have now. Just like all of you….. I was even told that taking these was probably making me worse. Are you kidding me. I just wish we had some legal ground to stand on to protect us and our health. I need out of pain. I Agree with you Joseph. Pain never goes away. I was already using as little as possible. Spasms is half of my problem I was pulled off of Soma too. A spinal stimulator is very invasive and in itself cause spasms.

I was mauled by a Rottweiler and have nerve damage. I am unable to sit and schedule my life around hours that the meds work for me. Anyone else spending a fortune on PM? I am on disability and had a k job and lost it al due to the injury. I have been through 6 failed lower back operations damage nerve scar tissue on nerve 5 deterioration disc upper back 3 severe multiple bone spurs sticking me in my nerves and 2 bulging disc in my neck and another bulging disc in my lower back I have no life anymore the pain is so severe I can barely walk and my pain doc has cut me back I now suffer so much I only get a few hours sleep he took away my pain meds that I take b4 bed my doc expects me to go 11 to 12 hours without my meds then try and go to bed all I do is toss and turn just to get out of bed and take my meds and I am running short and got to suffer.

If he does not raise them so I can take b4 sleep I must leave newjersey and go to Delaware and hope for the best. I have double fusion on my neck, herniated disc in my neck,thoracic and lumbar. The DEA should focus on herion dealers traffickers and users!!!

Now the FDA regulated medication I thought but everything has been twisted. I have been on morphien for YEARS 5 years first time, 7 the second and now 2 the third and still on it. I seen what Purdue pharmaticutal do as dispicable!

Marketing a Narcotic that is synthetic herion as safe and non addictive! Then the dam pill mills.



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